Callers with complaints against your employees, services, or products will call your Nationwide Toll Free Telephone number.  They will then be prompted to enter your Exclusive Store Identification number.  Upon dialing your Store ID, callers will be asked a series of questions designed to log the necessary data according to Medicare requirements. Callers responses are stored in a digital voicemail file which can be delivered to your Compliance Officer via email.

For added convenience, you may check your messages through a web-based control panel.  These voice files can then be saved as part of your record or log of customer complaints.  Your Compliance Officer can store these digital files in a safe, secure place. 

Keeping a Log

Once you have received the voicemail file, you or your Complaint Officer will then log the call in your CRP file.  A customizable template is available at:

The Complaint Log Form is designed around your Hotline questions to ensure that all of the details of the complaint record are available in one place.  There’s even room to make notes on action taken as well as a signature place to sign off on the complaint as completed.  You can then put the log forms in a binder or folder for easy access and storage.  

In the event of a Medicare Information Request or Review, you will have the confidence of having sufficient compliance with Medicare’s Supplier Standards

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Basic CRP Features

  Unlimited Toll-Free, Nationwide Access to your Hotline  
  No per minute charges  
  24/7 Access for you and your customers  
  No Busy Signals  
  No additional phone lines or equipment  
  No additional staff needed  
  Customized Hotline Greeting  
  Email delivery of Complaint Calls  
  Customized Protocol and Log Templates  

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