Callers with complaints against your employees, services, or products will call your Nationwide Toll Free Hotline number.  They will then be prompted to enter your Exclusive Store Identification number.  Upon dialing your Store ID, callers will be asked a series of questions designed to log the necessary data according to Medicare requirements. Callers responses are stored in a digital voicemail file which are initially delivered via email to your Hotline Assistant.

Your Hotline Assistant will listen to the voice message from the caller and transcribe the details onto the Complaint Log Worksheet. After the Log Worksheet as been started, the Hotline Assistant will notify the caller that their complaint has been received and will be reviewed by the Compliance Officer of your company.

A Copy of the Log Worksheet is emailed to the Compliance Officer, or other authorized individual, for review and resolution.  Your Hotline Assistant may offer suggested resolutions, however the final decision on resolution is the responsibility of the Compliance Officer.

When a complaint has been resolved, the Hotline Assistant will notify the caller of the resolution via written letter.  Log Worksheets are then completed and signed by the Hotline Assistant.

Every 30-45 days, depending on the amount of complaints, original audio files, Closed Log Worksheets and supporting complaint documentation will be forwarded to the Compliance Officer for secure records retention.

In the event of a Medicare Information Request or Review, you will have the confidence of having sufficient compliance with Medicare’s Supplier Standards

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Premium CRP Hotline Features

Unlimited Toll-Free, Nationwide Access to your Hotline
No per minute charges
24/7 Access for you and your customers
No Busy Signals
No additional phone lines or equipment
No additional staff needed
Customized Hotline Greeting
Email delivery of Complaint Calls
Customized Protocol and Log Templates
Personal Hotline Assistant


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