DME-Solutions offers two payment plans for the Premium CRP Hotline. There are no long-term contract requirements.  You may cancel at anytime according to the terms of service.

Monthly Fee Set-up Fee Sign Up Now
$349.00 $99.00
*The set-up fee is billed upon sign-up.  Your first monthly fee will be $448.00, then $349.00 thereafter.

Save even more with an Annual Plan!

Annual Fee Set-up Fee Sign Up Now
$3,588.00 FREE
$699 Savings over the Monthly Plan!

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Premium CRP Hotline Features

Unlimited Toll-Free, Nationwide Access to your Hotline
No per minute charges
24/7 Access for you and your customers
No Busy Signals
No additional phone lines or equipment
No additional staff needed
Customized Hotline Greeting
Email delivery of Complaint Calls
Customized Protocol and Log Templates
Personal Hotline Assistant


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